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Clients Corner-House Keeping Notes

Hi everyone! Happy Hump Day! Some housekeeping reminders for everyone.

Brickhouse Body is closed every Saturday but open every other day of the week. Clients please remember to get me your weekly updates by Friday morning if you'd like your plans updated by Sunday early morning. Plans take time to update so I won't be able to get it to you Sunday morning if you are sending your updates to me late Friday evening or anytime Saturday.

Clients please remember you are allotted one (15) minute conference call/phone consult with me every week as well as unlimited email support. If you'd like to meet in person for a full consult, please schedule it via Unfortunately I'm unable to speak to you all at once or while I'm with another client, so I've implemented a system to assure you all know you are equally important. Please schedule your weekly conference call by Sunday evening for the upcoming week. Also remember you have unlimited email support if you need questions answered throughout the week. I also respond to text when I'm available, but please try to reach me via email first if you have questions.

I truly appreciate you all and your dedication to the betterment of your health and fitness. I hope to help you all reach your goals and take you to the next level on your journey. No question is a dumb question so please don't hesitate to ask or feel you are bothering me. I'm here for you! My email is

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