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Happy Friday all. To all clients, updates are due. A lot of you haven't sent updates or pictures in a while. In order for me to help you reach your goals, I need to know how you are doing on your plans. If you need help with anything I'm here. If you are confused on something in your plan and not sure which way to go, I'm here. Email anytime and please try to set up your weekly conference calls for support and answers. This is especially important for my overseas and out of state clients. Since I don't get to see you face to face, I need to insure accountability with your updates and phone calls. Clients please try to schedule this by Sunday evening for the following weeks conference calls. I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful weather. Stay hydrated and don't forget to eat! Plan ahead so you don't get stuck going to a drive-thru for lunch. Need help with packing tips and healthy snacks on the go? I'm here to answer your questions.





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