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Updates & Traveling Tips


Happy Sunday clients. Everyone's plans have been updated with new meals for the upcoming week. If you haven't received an updated plan it may be one of two things, you've either failed to renew your plan or you didn't send me your pictures and measurements for the week (please do so whenever you can).

Please try to remember to add your measurements and pictures in your Individualized private Dropbox folders. This helps me to see where you are and how we need to adjust; while also keeping you accountable and tracking your progress. It's also a great look back from where you are now to where you've been and won't be returning to 😉.

Summer Food & Fun

I know it's holiday/summer travel season and there will be tons of BBQ,s/Cookouts/Graduation parties etc. Remember to enjoy yourself while still eating sensibly. You don't have to skip the fun or deprive yourself of some summer time favorites (unless you're on strict comp prep). Here are some healthier tips below to help keep you on the right track:

Skip the sugary lemonade and sweet tea and make your own homemade versions using Stevia. Also try drinking fruit infused water for flavor.

For food, try to stay away from the high fat mixed with high carb foods (cheat meals don't count) and try going for the green leafy veggies and high protein sources (grilled meats). For more substance try throwing sweet potatoes, squash, peppers, onions and mushrooms on the grill. Add a protein source and create a homemade Kabob (Kebob). For those who have to have those cookout favorites such as Baked Macaroni & Cheese and Potato Salad, eat it sparingly. If you must have dessert, stick with half portions or share with a buddy.

Traveling this summer and hoping to avoid gas station snacking? Request my travel list for healthier travel snacks while flying or taking road trips. Have a great summer everyone.

Quick Workout Tips

Need a quick pump while traveling? These two workouts can be done without any equipment. Want more variation during any workout? Try adding push-ups and burpees for an enhanced and more advanced workout anytime. Enjoy!


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