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This plan is designed for competitors or anyone who may be transitioning from a very strict nutrition plan and need to slowly revert back to normal clean eating habits. This plan includes the following: 4 NUTRITION COUNSELING SESSIONS (up to 30 Mins/1x a week) (1) Set of Digestive Enzymes with Probiotics Exclusive use of TruBalance Nutrition Software through the end of your package This plan helps to ease you back into your clean eating habits and will help to keep you accountable and deter you from binge eating. This plan includes the above coaching assistance for accountability and progress checks. It is easy to ruin all of your hard work by going off the rails with your eating after a competition. I am here to make sure you return to eating responsibly. This is more about moderation and less about restriction. *NO REFUNDS AFTER PURCHASE* SUBTRACT $200 FROM THIS PACKAGE FOR CLIENTS WHO ARE CURRENTLY ON A 16 WEEK COMPETITORS PACKAGE AND BUYING THIS PACKAGE FOR AFTER.

Competitors Reverse Nutrition Plan

  • This plan is already discounted so therefore there are no further discounts allowed . There are also no refunds for any services or nutrition plans.

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